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AML Policy

The administration of Multival.is, realizing the social danger of money laundering and terrorist financing, adheres to the set of measures and requirements of the FATF intergovernmental organization, the sixth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (6AMLD) and other legislative acts aimed at combating money laundering and terrorist financing.
AML Policy
Anti-Money Laundering Policy
1. The Anti-Money Laundering Policy is aimed at preventing and reducing possible risks of being involved in any illegal activity. The service warns the users against using the Multival.is service for money laundering, financing of terrorism, fraud of any kind and against using the service for purchasing illegal products and services.
2. The Service carries out mandatory AML-check of all cryptocurrency transactions coming from the Users via the specialized service https://amlbot.com.
When checking transactions for anti-money laundering, the Exchange is guided by high risk parameters. The high-risk parameters are: Dark Service, Dark Market, Scam, Exchange Fraudulent, Illegal Service, Stolen, Ransom, Mixer, Gambling, Sanctions. You can find more details on the description of high-risk parameters at the link: https://amlbot.com.
   2.1 If a High Risk transaction is detected, the Service stops the exchange and sends the User a request for additional information about the transaction.
   2.2 The Service has the right to request a detailed verification from the User, which may include identification documents and selfies.
   2.3 Suspend the transaction for up to 7 days, if there is no request from the relevant authorities concerning the transaction, or withhold the User's funds until the incident is fully investigated. 3.
3. After the User has been verified, the refund will be issued minus a transfer fee within two calendar days.
To make the refund, the User is obliged to confirm the details for receiving a refund from the mail specified when creating the exchange.
4. By creating an order, the User agrees with all the terms of these policies and undertakes to comply with them in accordance with the clauses of the current Agreement on the Multival.is service.
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все очень быстро, отличная поддержка, деньги пришли за несколько минут


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